All prices quoted are in £ sterling, any other currencies will be calculated as at the date of billing.
File opening fee: 1000.00
Assisting with the opening of a local bank account. 300.00
Assisting to open a bank account outside the UK. 500.00
Amending signatories on any bank account (each alteration). 150.00
Opening a further account at the same bank. 150.00
Establishing a code word facility or setting up electronic banking. 150.00
Transaction handling fee, per transaction. 20.00
Application for corporate credit card, per card. 200.00
Use of client account for transfers or payments: Variable based on .25% in .25% out. Reducing on larger deposits.
Establishment of Non-status banking failities in the UK. 100.00
Change to company name. 150.00
Alteration of Memorandum & Articles Association (plus legal costs) 150.00
Increasing authorised share capital (plus government duty). 150.00
Adding or subtracting directors on government forms. 75.00
Preperation of share transfer documentation. 125.00
Amending nominee declarations. 100.00
Obtaining certificate of good standing (where available). 175.00
Preperation of certificate of incumbency. 175.00
Obtaining registration of business nme. 150.00
Certified Documents:  
Certification of document by company secretary. 50.00
Provision of certified documents (notarised only). 150.00
Provision of certified documents (notarised with apostille). 200.00
Provision of Power of Attorney (notarised with apostille if required) 200.00
Provision of Power of Attorney. (notarised only or sworn in England & Wales). 200.00
Execution of Documents:  
Minuting/recording the use of company seal (each registration). 50.00
Executing agreement: (drafting fees in addition). 75.00
Preparing and executing consultancy agreements. (form). 300.00
Preparing and executing agency agreements. (form). 400.00
Fiscal Matters:  
Provision of fiscal agent where required by law. (per annum). 500.00
Completing registration for VAT and obtaining number. 400.00
Assisting in the completion of quarterly returns of VAT. (per quarter). 400.00
Mailing Services:  
Provision of remail service. (per annum). 275.00
Handling charge per item (plus cost of transmission). 2.00
Telephone calls/fax receipt of transmission on behalf of client. (per unit). 10.00
Photocopying. 0.10
Telephone calls received from client. 10.00
Telephone calls made on behalf of client: At time and cost of call.  
Letters written on behalf of the client: 25.00
Facsimiles sent on behalf of clients: plus cost of call: 10.00
Company searches (vary according to jurisdiction). - (please telephone with requirement)  
Courier fees: Cost + 20%
Preperation of 50 sheets of company letterhead. (To comply wth regulations, as to information displayed). 50.00
Preparing client invoices to instruction. 15.00
Registration fees (dormant companies). 325.00
Termination fees (skirting off register). 500.00
Transfer of administration of company to another jurisdiction 250.00
Incorporation of Private Limited Company (England & Wales) 150.00
Incorporation of Private Limited Company (Scotland) 150.00
Incorporation of Public Limited Company (England & Wales) Plus legal fees for specific advice and assistance. 1000.00
Incorporation of Company Limited by Guarantee (England & Wales) 500.00
Provision of Registered Office (England & Wales). Per annum. 250.00
Provision of company secretary. (England & Wales). Per annum. 1000.00
Provision of nominee company director(s). Per director, per annum. 500.00
Provision of nominees shareholder(s). Per shareholder, per annum. 200.00
Preparation and submission of annual return (England & Wales). 200.00
Provision of corporate record books. 55.00
Company seal, if required by Memorandum and Articles or Board. 35.00
Incorporation of corporate entities overseas, establishment of trusts and/or foundations in relevant jurisdictions carried out after consultation with prospective clients or their legal representatives costs to be agreed and paid prior to action.
Setting up a Panamanian or St. Kitts Foundation. 5,000.00
Provision of Foundation Council members (Panama jurisdiction). Per member, per annum, payable quarterly in advance. 5,000.00
Provision of trustees, per trustee, for any jurisdiction. Per annum payable quarterly in advance. 5,000.00
Provision of a Seychelles or Marshall Islands registered company with banking facilities offshore. 5,000.00
Other work will fall under the arrangement set out in the Client Agreement letter provided to clients. If further work or advice is required, the changes will be billed at intervals of 6 minutes (one tenth of an hour). Should appointments be cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled time, a charge of 4 hours time will be made at the relevant hourly rate.
Services of staff shall be charged at the following rates:    
Secretarial. Per Hour 30.00
Administrative. Per Hour 40.00
Accountancy. Per Hour 75.00
Executive. Per Hour 100.00
Professional. Per Hour (min) 150.00
Professional. Per Hour (partner, min) 250.00
Professional. Per Hour (partner, max) 500.00
Please note that all of the above are subject to VAT where applicable with respect to UK and European regulations.
In effect as of 23rd January 2012 until further notice.