Because of the unique position of London as a commercial and legal centre; based as it is in the commercial and legal heart of the "City', InLaw generates income from business introduced by its correspondents and therefore finds that the administration of the service, free to its correspondents, is more than worthwhile.

Multiple Discipline Fee Structure:

In the case of multi-disciplinary project requirements the following structure is employed by InLaw correspondents.

The entities involved will come to a consensus of opinion with regard to all aspects of the project. A fee will be promulgated. One third of the fee will be paid to the introducing entity, one third to the firm or group providing the service(s) and one third to be used for expenses and the procurement of outside assistance when required. Should there be a surplus of the final third upon the completion of the project the said surplus shall be divided between the introducer and the service provider(s).

In the event that there are national or international guidelines set out to assist professional advisers in the structuring of fees, costs and expenses, these shall be adhered to unless extraordinary circumstances prevail.

In the event of a correspondent assisting in the funding of a project, specific agreements shall be entered into between the funding seeker and provider. Any local law or regulation shall be the governing principle.

Any expenses incurred by the introducer and service provider(s) outside and in excess of the one third set aside for the purpose, the side incurring the expense shall be responsible for payment.

In the event that the participants are already members of professional bodies regulating or controlling introductory fees, shared commissions or other financial policy those regulations shall take precedence.

The client shall be required to pay according to the rules extant in the originating jurisdiction. But, where permitted, a prepayment of one third shall be required to cover the expenses and disbursements, the two thirds remaining shall be paid proportionally at agreed intervals during the period of the transaction.

The whole structure of the agreement to be set forth in the Client Agreement Letter which shall constitute the whole agreement between the client and the Firm.