International business, financial services and private client estate protection (including trust, foundation and tax planning) all form part of everyday life for a considerable portion of the world's population. Multi-disciplinary co-operation and co-ordination must, as an imperative, be accelerated and consolidated in order to keep up with current and future trends. In the past, the legal profession, together with collateral professions active in serving and advising international businesses and private clients have, for centuries, resisted change. Modern methods and standards are now available, in no way reducing integrity, security and professionalism but to cause higher efficiency, lower response time and the provision of a co-ordinated professional, cross-discipline team to be available from the outset of any enterprise.

InLaw LLP fulfils a need, in the early stages of the development and even at the concept stage, of an international business transaction provides its correspondents and clients with access to like minded professionals in many nations and, what-is-more, unlike membership of international professional associations, InLaw LLP fully understands that correspondents are profit motivated, not a concept readily understood even a generation ago in the legal profession. Profit and income considerations have, at last, begun to influence professional conduct worldwide.


Alternative Dispute Resolution:

• International Arbitration
• International Dispute Resolution
• International Mediation

Banks and Banking:

• Banking Contracts
• Banking Securities
• Bills of Exchange
• Commercial Banking
• Commercial Credit
• Currency Regulation
• Exchange Control
• Financial law
• Holding Company law
• International Banking law
• International loans
• Offshore Banking

Chancery & Equity:

• Chancery

Civil Law:

• International Civil law

Company Law:

• Company Acquisitions and Sales
• Company Administration
• Company Commercial law
• Company Contracts
• Company Formation
• Company Registration
• Company Restructuring
• Company Taxation
• Company Trusts
• Offshore Company law

Commercial Law:

• Commercial Arbitration
• Commercial Dispute Resolution
• Commercial Mediation
• International
• Commercial Arbitration
• International Commercial law
• Negotiable Instruments

Corporate Law:

• Corporate Contracts
• Corporate Finance
• Corporate Partnerships
• Corporate Recovery
• Corporate Registration
• Corporate Restructuring
• Corporate structuring
• Corporate Tax Planning
• Corporate Taxation
• Corporate Trusts
• Corporation Law
• Incorporation
• International Corporate Finance
• International Corporate Law
• International Corporate Taxation
• Offshore Corporations



• Breach of contract
• Commercial contracts
• Cross Border contracts
• International Commercial contracts
• International contracts

Business Law:

• Business Formation
• Business Organisation
• Business Planning
• Business Reorganisation
• Business Start-ups
• Business Taxation
• Business Torts
• Business Transfers
• Business Valuations
• Buying and Selling of Businesses
• Closely Held Business law
• Due diligence
• Emerging Business law
• Entrepreneurial Business law
• Establishment of Business
• International Business law
• International Business Taxation
• International Joint Ventures Project Management
• Small Business law
• Strategic Alliances

Criminal Law:

• Forensic services
• International Commercial Fraud
• Money laundering

Resorts and leisure:

• Hotel and Resort Development
• Hotel and Resort law

International Trade: Trusts and Estates:

• Family Trusts
• Financial Planning
• International Estate Planning
• International Estates
• International Trusts
• International Trusts and Estates
• Offshore Trusts
• Trust Administration
• Trust Formation
• Trust Planning
• Trusts.


Fraud and deceit:

• Fraud Investigations

International Law:

• Anglo-American law
• Comparative law
• Conflict of laws

Private International law:

• International Trade Arbitration
• International Trade Contracts


• International Project Finance
• Offshore Finance

International Investments:

• Offshore Investment Due Diligence

Real Estate:

• International Real Estate Negotiations
• Real Estate Finance



• Due Diligence
• Expatriate Taxation
• Indirect Tax
• Income Tax
• International Estate Taxation
• International Tax Planning
• Offshore Taxation
• Tax Planning
• Taxation shelters

Additional Areas of Practice:

• Banking Consultancy
• Insurance
• Direct Tax
• Indirect Tax and Customs Duties
• Project Management
• Overseas Mortgages

(The above arranged through correspondent firms.)