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In law was conceived more than fifty years ago by the International coordinating principal Prof. Anthony Eaton.

During the intervening years the policy has remained constant, only numerically enhanced and in recent times, due to the relaxation of professional regulations, it has become a multi-disciplinary correspondent network.


It has always been preferable to know "the face at the end of the telephone", even in these days of e-mail and teleconferencing. InLaw LLP has always been a link between professional practitioners. The organisation has now grown to include accountants, bankers and such other professionals as are intimately connected on a daily and continuing basis with the various aspects, (for which their training uniquely qualifies them), of international business upon their clients' behalf. The legal correspondents cover all commercial, company and other laws impinging upon the clients businesses.

We now have, with correspondents in more than one hundred and seventy countries, some with multiple offices in different parts of the larger nations, a network which provides a unique service internationally. The original concept was that there should be a group of lawyers available to the clients of others in various parts of the world. That has now come close to fruition. The correspondents are all locally qualified but with an international outlook (membership of such bodies as the IBA, UTA, ABA, Offshore Institute etc) knowing each other by communication and wherever possible, face to face meetings. A client of one lawyer or firm needing advice in another jurisdiction would be introduced in a manner similar in requirement to an introduction "bank to bank". In the event that the practitioner introduced within Inlaw was not a specialist in the field required, that practitioner is requested to introduce local counsel which is so specialised and to hold a watching brief just to ensure that the service is 'up to standard'. This facility has now been extended to other related professions, all of which, are directly involved in specialised fields of law. The firm adheres strictly to the “Know Your Client”, “Anti-Money-Laundering” and “Anti-terrorism” laws and regulations both nationally and internationally.