InLaw LLP hereinafter referred to as the Firm and the client hereinafter referred as the client.

These terms and conditions are an integral part of any agreement between the Firm and the client and between the firm and any third party or parties entered into the agreement. By presentation of these terms and conditions by the Firm, the client certifies that he/they/we accept and understand all provisions of any business conducted by/with the client and that these terms and conditions shall be in force during or after any business conducted by the Firm and the client, be they private or commercial.

The Firm will not under any circumstances refund fees on the basis of a cancellation of any transaction that the client chooses at his/her/their discretion.

The Firm will only refund fees on the basis that having accepted the client's pre-paid fee, the Firm is unable to provide the service promised and accepted by the client under the Firm's standard terms and conditions contained herein

The Firm provides its services on a 'best efforts and professional service' basis.

The Firm will not be responsible or liable for any monies/funds/securities, purchases or advice or recommendation made directly or indirectly to any client by any officer of the Firm, either if the signatures of any two partners shall be sufficient to bind the firm to any agreement.

The referral by the Firm to any Bank or financial institution of any kind does not carry any warrantee or guarantee of the financial stability of any bank or financial institution that the Firm may introduce or recommend to the client, for the provision of banking/finance services. It is up to the client to undertake his/her/their due diligence on the bank or institution.

The Firm does not accept any liability in the event of any financial failing or fraudulent activity or any dishonesty in any way by any bank/financial institution that the Firm introduces to the client.

In the event of any bankruptcy or administration/receivership of any bank/financial institution that the Firm have introduced to the client, that the client will deal directly with the Banks receivers or administrators, and will in no way contact the Firm regarding the recovery of any funds due in any way to the client by the Bank unless or until the client specifically retains the Firm so to do. Failure by the client to adhere to this clause will make the client liable to legal action by the Firm.

The Firm will not under any circumstances provide any information on the client to any third party without the clients express permission.

The Firm is not liable for any mistakes, delay or non-payment by any bank/third party.

The Firm reserves the right to terminate relations with the client if the Firm receives any information forcing it to do so by law or regulation.

The Firm reserves the right to alter or change these terms and conditions at any time without prior warning to the client

The Firm reserves the right to change or alter the pricing structure on any documentation or website without prior notice

The Firm and client agree that any and all disputes, including those involving any third party, will be settled by arbitration. If both/either/all parties fail to reach an agreement the matter shall be dealt with by the London Court of International Arbitration under its Regulations at the time being. Relevant law being that of England and Wales.

The Firm will not be responsible or liable for any investments, securities or purchases or advice made directly or indirectly to/on behalf of its clients, singly or jointly, severally or corporately. Under no circumstances will the Firm be responsible for the performance, recommendation, dishonesty or lack of performance, by any third party or introduction made by the Firm. The client accepts that the Firm acts and gives advice only in good faith unless specific undertakings have been given in writing in accordance with the above.

The Firm is not a licensed deposit taker and do not or will not accept funds other than fees paid directly for the Firm's services

The Firm accepts no liability for the client's statutory responsibilities for any UK or offshore company in any jurisdiction whatsoever.